Deanne and Books

I grew up reading. Considering we had no TV until I was in high school, you can see why.  The whole family sat in the living room and read together! By the time I was about 12, I had moved completely into adult books.  I enjoyed historical fiction and mysteries the most.  Today I read a lot of non-fiction but when I want to cozy down and get lost in a book – I like mysteries best of all.

I was a single mother and until my kids were grown. my work was all about making the most money I could to give my children a quality life.  Once they were grown and away from home, however, I stepped away from the stress of corporate America and opened a bookstore!

It was such a blessing to be in a stress free environment, working with people who loved books just like me.

My own store did not last forever but when I was forced to close it four years later, I decided to stay in the book industry and went to work for a local bookstore chain at minimum wage so that I could learn how it was done by the professionals!  Six months later I landed a management position in a retail bookstore.

Over my career I worked in several bookstores, all of them spiritual, catering to alternative ways of seeing life. I also worked for two distributors, one for cookbooks and the other, new age and metaphysical books and music.

Another thing I like to do is to write. I have written a few books and write for my own blog as well as for other’s blogs. I am just getting started reviewing books for publishers and look forward to building relationships not only with them, but with you as the reader.

Happy reading, my friends!